Line of Duty Cigars

For Our Fallen Heros


h2-248x300Police Officers, Firefighters and Soldiers. Of course we need doctors, nurses, teachers, and many, many others to strive as a nation, and as a community, but in no other field are there as many dedicated men and women that run towards danger and tragedy, while others flee it, in order to help complete strangers while giving absolutely no thought as to their own safety in the process. True heroes in every aspect.

As a retired New York City Police Detective and avid cigar smoker, I wanted a way to give back to all of the brave men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live freely. I began this journey in 2015, compiling a list of charities I wanted to donate to, there is no shortage of worthy charities for certain, and a lot of research and time went into compiling the list of chosen charities. I am contacted regularly by charities asking to be included, and the list will grow, I’m sure.

Besides choosing the charities we would be donating to, I also had to research the most popular cigar sizes, regions of the world with the best tobacco, and finally and certainly the most important part of the process, finding the right manufacturer. We have and will continue to use the finest Nicaraguan tobacco available to us. Or manufacturer has our back, and we have yours. We’ve hit some road bumps during this journey, and we’ve made some mistakes, but regardless of any obstacles that have been thrown in our way, and there have been a few, some intentional, some not, the charities have never suffered. We continue to strive as a company and each quarter, the donations increase.

Every sale at Line of Duty Cigars, whether it’s cigars, or tee shirts, or hats or flags etc., is a donation to a charity. We provide you a list of charities to choose from and we will donate a minimum of 10% to that charity. Hosting a golf event, retirement party, memorial service or any other occasion to celebrate? Let us provide you with the cigars. The donation will be made to your event!

As always, stay safe, watch your six and those of your brothers and sisters. And remember rule #1, ALWAYS GO HOME AT THE END OF YOUR TOUR!!!

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