Line of Duty cigars has been quite busy these last few months. Sales are continuing to grow, therefore the donations to the charities we support continue to grow. You can follow us on our FaceBook group at, where we post specials ONLY for group members.

We we honored to be able to be a sponsor at the NY Smoking Shields Cigar Club Heroes Dinner this year. The group is mainly made up of police officers, firefighters and military as well as associate members, whose sole purpose is to help and to recognize police officers, firefighters and soldiers in need or rewarded for outstanding work. It meant even more to me because NYPD Police Officer Joe Ayala and Sgt Keith Bryan were there and being recognized for their outstanding police work in regards to the murder of NYPD Police Officer Miosotis Familia, all which took place in the 46 Pct, where I started my police career. It was an honor and privilege to meet them both, chew the fat and get to know them. God Bless them both.

Great job by John Bellico and the whole executive board at NY Smoking Shields.

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