X.O. Sampler Pack


Not sure which delicious Line of Duty cigar to start with first? Try them all!!! A sample pack of two of each of the XO with a San Andres wrapper for a total of 6 cigars.

WRAPPER : San Andres
FILLERS : Nicaraguan

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We all know the commanding officer makes the final decisions. He or she is also the one that takes the blame when it hits the fan. And we all know a great commanding officer can’t shine bright without his or her Grunts and FNG’s, but what really makes a great C.O shine is the support and hard work of his or her X.O. This cigar goes out to all the #2’s. We recognize the hard work that goes into this position and we know most of you do not get the recognition you deserve. You are often the buffer between the FNGs/Grunts and the C.O., taking heat from both sides. Our thanks for all you do. Each cigar is made by our master blender and wrapped around these bad boys is a beautiful San Andres wrapper, and stuffed full of a unique and satisfying Nicaraguan long leaf filler. Hand rolled by the most skilled torcedors Esteli has to offer.


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