Size: Grunt (Robusto) 5X52

Wrapper: Habano Rosado

Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran long leaf

Price: $29.75 per 5 pack


So a couple of day ago I hope you enjoyed reading my review of the Grunt Maduro by Line of Duty cigars. Today we will give the Grunt Habano a test drive and see how it smokes. If you took the time to check out their webpage you would have had a chance to read about the background of their company and the reasons why they do what they do. This really speaks to me having a ton of friends who are serving or have served in the several branches of the military, friends who serve in law enforcement, corrections, firefighters, and even one smoke jumper.

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I’d like to also talk about Gordon Haney. Me and Gordo served in the Navy together and became friends back in the mid-90s. I hadn’t seen him in 22 years. I was able to get back in touch with Gordo a couple of years ago through face book. He served as a Correctional Officer for the past 16 years and was able to train and mentor many at the facility he worked at. My friend passed away several months ago and I had the chance to speak with his mother on the phone the other day. We spoke of mine and Gordo’s time in the fleet and we spoke about his life after the military. I hope my friend did not have to suffer long and also that he was not alone when he left this world.

So please bear with me. I’m trying to work through this review but at the same time I’m also a nervous 18 year old a couple of weeks out of basic training and reporting to my ship in time for Christmas 1993. Gordo will show up in a week or so and we’ll meet for the first time.


The Grunt Habano is round in design instead of oval or box pressed. Like the Maduro, it looks to have a triple cap. The seams are more noticeable on this cigar than the Maduro. Veins are also very visible as well. Line of Duty has a wonderful label and the colors really work against the lighter color of the wrapper.

It also has a rich earthy scent like the Maduro had. If that is the case I expect it to also have an earthy taste that will stay with it throughout the entire smoke. But we’ll see what happens.


For the cut, I’ll be using my Xikar guillotine that I’ve been using for the past year. It’s a pretty good cutter even though I prefer a V-cutter. But that’s just personal preference. There is nothing wrong with using one.

The cut goes pretty straight and the draw is wide open. I am getting earthy tones on the taste that go with the smells I got earlier. Time for fire!!


I’m going with a single jet torch like I used last time. I think my quad has a leak and also I can’t find it so there’s that as well.

The light goes pretty good and I’m really picking up on the tones of straight tobacco like I did with the Maduro.  Or to put another way, I’m not getting anything in the way of spices or wood taste like oak or cedar.


With how easy the draw is allows for the rich aroma to dance across the palate and is no way harsh.

The foot smoke is not overwhelming either. Like the Maduro, however, it is very warm to the touch. My burn line is leaning pretty heavy to one side but I’ve started rotating to try and compensate for this.

Around half way I decide to add some flame to even it out. So far so good though. The down side is my ash is leaning like crazy so I decide to bump it off and keep on smoking.



Another thing is that this cigar also has a label that is loose and easy to slide off without damaging the wrapper, which is a big plus with me.


As the burn line gets close I decide to remove the label and keep on going. And of course I knock off my ash again.


With an inch and some change left, the cigar is getting very warm so I decide to set it down and finish up inside.



Like the Grunt Maduro, the Grunt Habano had a lot in common taste wise. If anything the Habano was not quite as strong as the Maduro but not by much. I would also call this a medium to full strength smoke. I have a pleasant feeling after having smoked it which is a huge point in my personal book. When you get the chance to check them out at

By not having much in the way of added flavors really worked for me for a couple of reasons. First, if not reviewing, I’m grabbing a smoke when I can. I may be driving, or working with the kids in the yard, or whatever. By having a cigar like this, I don’t have to pay it much attention to pick up on the different flavors at work and can just enjoy smoking. Second, it has allowed me to let my mind wander a bit to days long gone.  It has been great remembering adventures and misadventures with Gordo back in our old Navy days.

I think this was the purpose that Line of Duty had in mind when they came out with their cigars. It has helped me realize I have much to be thankful for but will name a few. To Line of Duty for their cigars. I’ve enjoyed smoking and reviewing them. To all the men and women that this cigar stands for. Thank you for what you do or what you have done.  To Ms Joyce Haney, you raised a son to be very proud of and it is an honor to be able to call myself his friend. To Gordo, hang on bro, I’ll be there soon enough.





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